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Massage Types Offered:

Therapeutic Massage
$100.00 for 1 hour. Involves deep tissue massage. Addresses specific problem area.

Deep Tissue Medical Massage with Neuromuscular
Re-education Therapy

$185.00 for 1 hour. Requires physician prescription with a medical diagnosis. Addresses specific problem area.

Lymphatic Flush
$150.00 for 2 hour. Involves lymph flow re-direction in problem area. Client is taught how to perform this technique on themselves.

Freda Whalen, has maintained a successful practice in Therapeutic Massage Therapy for the past thirty-four years. Freda works with many area physicians as part of Pain Management, Orthopedic, Neurology, Rheumatology, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy programs helping severely injured patients regain control of their lives. She was one of the first personal fitness trainers in Southwest Louisiana. She has Aerobics Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certifications, worked for fifteen years as a personal fitness instructor, studied nutrition, eventually obtained her certification and license as a Nutritionist with The National Institute of Nutrition Education in Aurora, Colorado. She went on to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas and Louisiana, as well as a Licensed Massage Instructor and a CE (continue education) Provider. She is nationally certified with the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), with certifications as a Medical Massage Practitioner/Master Level and is the only massage therapist in the State of Louisiana to hold a certification in Neuromuscular Re-Education. She is also the only massage therapist to be a Court-appointed Certified Expert Witness in Medical Massage Therapy. She studied at The Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy, The Atlanta School of Massage Therapy, and the Houston Massage Center.

• Obtain Physician's Prescription. This gives me the patient's diagnosis and possible contraindications.
• Full Body Exam and Evaluation. Helps me to evaluate patient's muscular condition in order to form an opinion as to the best approach in my treatment plan. Reports are sent to the referring physician and other interested parties. Progress reports are sent on a monthly basis.
• Create a bond with patient in order to develop his/her trust and confidence. This step is absolutely necessary if I am to approach the depth necessary with injured and/or long suffering patients to achieve positive results with this form of treatment.
• Understanding and Education. It takes time for the patient to accept deep tissue therapy, this process can not be hurried. Our ultimate goal is to bring the patient to a successful level of comfort and function as soon as possible which can only be achieved with their complete cooperation and understanding of the treatment involved. The following treatment is administered:
◦ Neuromuscular Re-education Therapy.
◦ Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Therapy.
◦ Deep Trigger Point Therapy.
◦ Deep Cross Fiber Therapy.

• MUSCULAR RELEASE (Working within the patient's tolerance, the above modalities are administered to break down scar tissue and fibrous tissue which develops as a result of injury.)
• MUSCULAR & JOINT FLEXIBILITY (Working within the patient's tolerable and range of motion, passive stretches are incorporated and as movement becomes easier, active stretches and exercises are added to increase muscular function and joint range of motion.)
• MUSCULAR ENDURANCE (Working within the patient's tolerance, neuromuscular re-education resistance exercises are then added to strengthen the muscular system and joint function.)
• BUILDING MUSCULAR ENDURANCE (Working within the patient's ability, light weights are added with neuromuscular re-education resistance exercises. It is then recommended that the patient continue with a daily home exercise program to maintain the muscular and joint release which has been achieved.)

Major medical insurance will not cover the cost of massage, even medical therapeutic massage with a physician's prescription. Workman Compensation Insurance, working with the patient's adjuster, Accident Liability Cases, working with the patient's attorney and Med Pay on Automobile Insurance Coverage (except AllState) will help the patient cover the cost of medical massage therapy. Deep tissue massage and neuromuscular re-education therapy is extremely successful. In many cases patients suffering with severe injuries, multiple surgeries, different types of therapy without reaching an acceptable level of comfort or healing. The art of massage can be traced back three thousand years. A "body rub" will make one feel good, but when massage is applied in a therapeutic method, it's always beneficial in obtaining relief for injury cases. Whatever the injury, there is always soft tissue involvement, contributing greatly to the patient's pain. Deep tissue medical massage can help!

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