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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Freda for a couple of years now and have sent several of my baseball players to her for various injuries, including my two sons. Freda is a huge reason why all these players have returned to the playing field quickly. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. She has worked on players who could barely function and has them back up and going again quickly. Freda is awesome to work with and talk to when it comes to injuries that require immediate and acute care. I feel that Freda has helped and will continue to help our athletes preform at their highest performance level. Her relentless work ethic, professionalism and knowledge on what makes the body work is what puts her head and shoulders above everyone else."
Glenn, Head Baseball Coach

"I have been part of 7 State Champions in track and field over the past 8 years. In spite of our diligence and preparation for each upcoming season the sport of track and field carries inherent risks with muscle strains, cramps and pulls. The work that Freda has done for my athletes over the years has been nothing short of amazing. Her state of the art techniques have gotten my kids back on the track when all other conventional methods failed. There is no denying that many of our state championships were the result of Freda's ability to successfully rehabilitate our kids from potentially season ending injuries in an amazing short time. She is indeed a miracle worker. Thanks for all you do."
Coach Johnny

"After treating my left Iliopsoas my junior year in high school, my doctor gave us a referral, but said I would always be prone to re-tearing it. Freda used her techniques of deep tissue medical message and neuromuscular re-education therapy and had me back playing in less than two weeks. I also tore my right Iliopsoas and strained my shoulder my senior year and she had me back pitching and catching again within two weeks. I have continued to play pitcher and catcher at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for 3 years and have never reinsured these muscles. She is an amazing deep tissue therapist and very professional."

"While pitching in a high school game, I strained my rectus abdominal/oblique muscle. I could not throw at all the next day and it hurt to even breathe. After going to Freda for deep tissue massage therapy, I was throwing in 2 weeks and in less than 2 months, was pitching better than before the injury. I continued to pitch my senior year for St. Louis High School and have never reinsured my oblique. I will be attending McNeese State University this fall on a baseball scholarship. Freda does outstanding deep tissue work and her neuromuscular therapy helped me tremendously."

"Headaches and neck pain were constant companions in my life for several years. I was in so much pain that I was about to quit a job that I loved because I could not focus on the work at hand. Doctors in Lake Charles and Houston could not give me any relief. After spending thousands of dollars on doctors, MRIs, body scans, steroid shots, etc., the pain was still there. A friend recommended Body Care, Inc. I figured I had nothing to lose so I called for an appointment. Freda told me she could help with the pain, but I thought, 'that's what all the doctors said too.' Driving home after my first treatment I suddenly realized the pain was gone. Wow! But the pain was back the next morning. Freda told me it would take several treatments to get rid of the pain for good and she was right. After each treatment the relief lasted a while longer until one day it was gone for good. Freda gave me back my life! Now I go for a treatment each month and continue to feel like my old self again."

Sports Injuries

Deep tissue medical
massage with neuromuscular re-education can make the difference between success
or failure.


Runners, Golfers, Tennis Players, Baseball and Softball Players, improve your performance!

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